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Easy Liver




Product Effectiveness:  2/10


Ingredient Quality:   2/10


No Side Effects:   5/10


Price / Value:   4/10


Customer Service: 4/10

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Our Review: Easy Liver takes our #4 spot because, in the opinion of our editors, it only contains 2 of 4 recommended ingredients, utilizes the less efficient capsule delivery method, and does not contain 24-hour customer support.


We were puzzled by the inclusion of a few ingredients like Vitamin A. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a manufacturer website nor could we find a product website to explain why they’d include it. So we’re left scratching our heads at this formula. It’s a little unsettling to take a formula without justification of its ingredients.


It bears repeating that liquid formulas outperform capsules and pills in absorption and efficiency.1 The liver must process everything you put into the body, and pills and capsules themselves can put additional strain on the liver, so why would you want another pill if you’re trying to boost liver health? It doesn’t make sense to us.


With that said, we gave Easy Liver our #4 spot.


1. Liquid Delivery: No


2. Recommended Ingredients: 2 of 4


3. Money-Back Guarantee: Yes


4. 24-Hour Customer Support: No


Ingredients: Vitamin A (5,000) IU, Choline Bitartrate 200mg, Milk Thistle Seed 150mg, Inositol 100mg, Disodium Phosphate 100mg, Artichoke Leaf 50mg, Betaine HCI 50mg, Active Enzyme Base 50mg, L-Methionine 30mg, Oxidized Bile Acids, Beet Juice.

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  1. Physician’s Desk Reference (page 1542, #49).


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