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Product Effectiveness:   9/10


Ingredient Quality:   10/10


No Side Effects:   9/10


Price / Value:   9/10


Customer Service:   10/10

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We put VitaLiver in our number one spot even though it’s the newest liver support supplement to hit the market. It addressed our supplement criteria, and impressed us by going above and beyond the typical liver support formula and the typical natural health company.


First, VitaLiver is a beautifully simple formula that contains all of our required ingredients. They focused on the essentials, added the newest member - Chanca Piedra - to the mix, and didn’t cram fillers or an excessive laundry list of ingredients.


Liquid natural supplements are shown to outperform traditional capsules and pills, absorbing almost TWICE as efficiently and allowing your body to put it to use in the first 20 seconds.1


But how did it taste? To our surprise, it tasted quite good. It has an earthy flavor with a sweet after-taste. We didn’t have to plug our noses or follow it with water, we just pinched the dropper on the tongue and that was it. Hassle free.


The company has excellent customer support. They offer a money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service (not cheap!) which shows they truly value their customers’ experience and believe in VitaLiver’s formula.


Lastly, the product is manufactured in the United States at an FDA registered facility. With that said, VitaLiver worked hard to earn our vote of confidence and our #1 spot.


1. Liquid Delivery: Yes


2. Recommended Ingredients: 4 of 4


3. Money-Back Guarantee: Yes


4. 24-Hour Customer Support: Yes


Ingredients:  Milk Thistle, Chanca Piedra, Artichoke, Dandelion, Angelica.


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