4 Simple Ways to Improve Liver Health

Ready to get your liver healthy? Good, you’ll feel better all around, and it’s not hard to do. Here’s four simple ways to get you started right now:

1. Avoid Alcohol

Sometimes the simplest advice is the most obvious, and that’s certainly the case with alcohol consumption and liver health. While moderate amounts of alcohol are okay, and even have some health benefits, the liver is responsible for processing the alcohol byproduct called acetaldehyde. When you overdo it, the liver strains to remove this byproduct.

2. Avoid Excessive Amounts of Processed Sugar

We all have a sweet tooth and those tasty treats or soft drinks are hard to pass up, but your liver will thank you. Put simply, sugar is made up of two molecules: glucose and fructose. Glucose is much easier to metabolize, but only the liver can metabolize fructose. What does your liver do with excess fructose? Well, it turns it into fat and stores some of it in the liver (you don’t want too much fat in your liver!) Over time, your liver can become insulin resistant which causes a host of problems. So the simple way to make your liver happy is avoid excess sugar, limit the soft drinks, and you’ll be all the better for it.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Leafy greens offer antioxidant protection that’ll help keep you healthy and feed your liver the proper nutrients it needs to keep fit. Cruciferous vegetables have digestive enzymes and chlorophyll that help support your liver. Don’t forget to throw in some fresh fruit!

4. Exercise

No, your liver isn’t a muscle, but exercise does one fantastic thing that helps your liver: increasing circulation! Remember: the more you move around and get your heart pumping, the more blood you’re circulating throughout your body - in and out of the liver so it can do what it does. So get out there and do some jumping jacks! Just kidding, even mild exercise will help immensely!

There you have it. Four simple steps to improve your liver health that you can start right away. They’re not easy (sometimes a celebration calls for a drink and a slice of cake), but the more you limit things like sweets and alcohol, and the more you add healthy foods to your diet and some exercise, the better you’ll feel!

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